December 2nd, 2008

The Image Factory Art Foundation in collaboration with the Andy Palacio Foundation is pleased to announce the public presentation of Andy Palacio, a book about Belize’s cultural and music icon. The book will be formally presented to the public on Tuesday December 2nd at 10:00am at the Image Factory. It includes an introduction by Michael Stone texts by Dr. Joseph Palacio, and E. Roy Cayetano, an interview with Andy by Eyre Banning, and Andy’s WOMEX award acceptance speech. The book is richly illustrated with photographs of Andy as a child growing up in Barranco, his early music career, his rise as a popular Garifuna musician right up to the historic and unprecedented year 2007 when his Wátina release captivated the world.

Proceeds from book sales will be donated to the Andy Palacio Education Fund which is managed by the Andy Palacio Foundation.

Number of pages: 90
Full color
Size: 9 x 12 inches
Edition: 1000 copies
Published by: Image Factory Art Foundation
Contact: Yasser Musa (

Quotes from the book:

“Andy’s artistic generosity lives on. True to form, not he but we are the beneficiaries of his farsighted dedication to bringing the spirit of Garifuna and Belizean culture to the world. Many have noted how deeply devoted Andy was to educating himself about Garifuna traditions, and about the challenges facing minority groups throughout Central America and the Caribbean.”
– Michael Stone, Introduction to Andy Palacio

“During his relatively short lifetime, Andy made his choices, lived his life his way, paid the price and reaped the rewards. He knew what it was to be in the dark valley – to be doubted, to be hungry, to be shunned by his fellow artists and to be given less than he deserved. All that he took in stride.

But he also knew what it was to reach the mountaintop and to behold, from that vantage point, the Promised Land, the world he imagined and aspired for. He dared to dream and to work towards the accomplishment of that dream.”
– E. Roy Cayetano, from his Tribiute to Andy Palacio January 25th, 2008

“Having been incubated in that very supportive cultural environment of Barranco, Andy’s short life has been a bundle of lessons for the Garifuna community, our beloved Jewel of Belize; and indeed the world at large. They include hard work, perseverance, perfectionism, and carrying one’s greatness with a deep sense of humility.”
-Dr. Joseph Palacio, from Andy Palacio – Some Reflections