The new AC Chamber of Commerce website is operational and can be viewed at . Please change or add this to your bookmarks or favorite's files in place of the old .com address. The old site will be redirecting viewers/users to the new site this next week.

Business members of the AC Chamber are entiltled to a full text listing with one photo/image to accompany their listing. In addition, business members can also upload display ads to be run on the sidebar areas that have been set up to let tourists see your business. Chamber ads carry a higher confidence level among vacationers when deciding where to spend their dollars.

The new Chamber website imported names and email addresses from the old site and therefore some one-time actions are required by you to get your contact information and new listing/display ad up and running.

Your contact information and website listing are contained in two different areas of the website for security reasons. No one but the Chamber admin can view or retrieve your personal contact data. Your listing however, is for the public to see and hopefully click on and book a room, or make plans to eat at your place or any of the other many businesses that support San Pedro and are listed on the Chamber website.

You'll need to start by updating your contact information and setting your password to the website. Do this by clicking on this link and entering your email address. You'll be sent an email with your personal unique id. Click on the link in the email you receive and your personal business contact information page will open. Please enter all information and change your password.

After your contact information is updated, please go to the Ambergris website "Home" page and log in using your email address and your password. Each page of the web site contains a log in box. Once you are logged in you'll see the word "Welcome" where the log in box was and under that a "Logout" link and a link called "My Listing." Click on the "My Listing" link and you'll be directed to your listing upload page. Some of the information is the same as your contact information but must be re-entered. Here you can upload your text file that will be displayed when tourists click on your business name. A photo or image can be added, just follow the size and file type requirments for uploading. You can have a display ad for your business that will appear on the section of the website that corresponds to your business. Again, just follow the upload instructions/tips on the upload p! age. You can easily edit your text file once it's uploaded right on the website without having to reupload it or you can paste in a completely new text section.

If you have any problems using the site or getting your business listing up and running or even need an ad created, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll get it done for you - it's all free.

Thank you for your time and helping to make San Pedro a better place to live and work.

Jim Oliver - Webmaster for