Hey, we could do something nice for a deserving young Belizean. I don’t know how many of you met our current Miss Belize when she was here on the Caye for Costa Maya, but Charmaine Chinapen has a lot more than looks. She is a Senior pre med student on the honor roll at St. John’s University in N.Y., majoring in Cemistry, and she will go on to med school with plans to become a neurosurgeon.

She’s over at the Miss World contest in Johannesburg, but what she really wants to do is win the Beauty with a Purpose award there. Winners of that go on humanitarian aid missions, and what better candidate for that than a medical student?

Apparently, people will be able to log onto the Miss World web site and vote on that award, which is where doing something nice for young Charmaine comes in.

Right now, if you go to www.missworld.com and scroll down to the bottom of that page, you will see an announcement in a red box on the left saying that the Beauty with a Purpose contest is “coming soon.” Meanwhile there are two other open contests that Charmaine is in, and you can vote for her to win those, too. At the top right you will see “Miss People’s Choice,” and at the bottom right there’s “Miss World Beach Beauty.” For the People’s Choice, Charmaine has a lot more votes than most, but she could use 300 or 400 more. Not impossible. And I think you can vote more than once. It’s unclear if the Beach Beauty one will be decided by popular vote, but you never know.

For any of this, to make your vote(s) count, you have to Signup. You start to do that at the top of the grey Login box on the upper right, by clicking on “Signup,” written in rather faint white letters next to the word “Login.” Go from there. Oh, and I’m rather pleased that the photo Charnaine uses for these internet contests was taken on my Hobiecat!