Melody Man Does 'Belizean Artists'

[Linked Image] Melody Man Escobar made a name for himself a few years ago with the hit “Belizean Girls.” And while he’s been gone for a minute, Melody Man is back. He has a new song and it is called – “Belizean Artists.” He stopped by our studios to show us his video and tell us about his new album.

Melody Man, Releasing Video
“The song is named ‘Belizean Artists.’ The tune is about Belizean artists. You already know it is a struggle for Belizean artists so we have to fight and keep our head up and don’t give up. I just want them to know that we have to come together, work together. That is what the tune is about.

The video nice, the video has a lot of different scenes. Belmopan is big up in it, Belize City, nuff respect to the Belize City ghetto, Belmopan ghetto, all the poor people – have to big up all the poor people. Big up all the sponsors who assist in this video, nuff respect. Belizean people you all waited long for this and you already know that it is here now.

Me love it, the love of it because I have people out there who were waiting to see what I will bring next. So I can’t let down my fans.”

The video was directed by Dennis Peyrefitte. The CD is available widely.

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