Dear Fellow Belizeans,

Scolarships are availabe to Belizean Citizens living abroad and in Belize to study in all the British Commonwealth Countries. If you are a citizen of Belize and your child was born in another country, I will strongly suggest that you apply for his or her Belizean Citizenship of Descent to be eligible for these scholarships now and in the future whenever they become available again. These are good scholarships and to good Colleges and Universities abroad including the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands close to Belize.

Applications could be obtained from the Ministry of Public Service, Governance Improvement and Elections and Boundaries Honorable John Saldivar Belmopan's Office or directly from the Website and Downloaded:

Please pass on this information to all your Belizean Family Members and Friends.

Sincerly yours,
Wellington C. Ramos
Professor of Political Science and History
New York City