Sorry to tell y'all this, but I got this e-mail from Sari Vidrine's parent's in Houston.
--Sari has been calling on her cell phone as late as 2PM Houston time. Four pilots froim Tropic Air have been helping her. They are in the marina apartment, but the building may not stand, the water is up to the
second floor.They may have to go into the water. I told Sari several hours ago to put on life vests which all have done.--

When I called her parents back for an update, they said that Sari told them that Tropic Air's building was demolished, and that several Tropic employee's had taken refuge with her at The Boatyard and Marina. They relayed the info that storm surge was getting to 8 to 10 feet on the Boatyard property. (For those unfamiliar with The Boatyard, it is located about 3 blocks West from Maya Air).

I also heard from Carla Fine (whose husband, Byron, recently passed away). She is a resident of Ambergris Caye (house near Journey's End), but is in Oklahoma right now. She heard that the three blocks south of Tropic (including the big supermarket) were demolished.

I am as much in the dark as y'all are, and definitely as worried . . . I just thought that I'd pass on those tidbits of info for what it's worth.

PLEASE! If any of y'all have info on Sari Vidrine, Libby Vidrine, or know Tom Vidrine or Lgan Gentry's whereabouts in Thailand, PLEASE e-mail me! We haven't heard from Sari or Libby in 8 hours, and we doubt that Tom or Logan know of this crisis.

Thanks! Jacques Vidrine
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone in USA: 337-363-5789