Just want to let you know that the Kriol Langwij Projej ( the language Arm of the National Kriol Council) just got in their Xmas CD. the name of the album id "Yu mi Yehri" It includes songs based on the Xmas scriptures. This is a product of a Musicology work shop conducted by Aaron Apleton. the songs are all in Kriol and the music is basically brokdong using many traditional instruments like te grayta, jawbone drums, shaka.

Two years ago we did a first CD which was a great hit with manyof the churches. This one is even beter. although basically brokdong songs you will find a variety of upbeat styles, even rap.

the Albun can be bought at the Bible Book shop on the Boulevard, after the first light going south. the cost is $25, but if you buy five or more you can get it for the wholesale cost.

these are great sounds to be playing during the season and any time.

Hope you hurry and get one. Also pick up your Kriol Kalinda and the Traditional Games book. These a great gifts. Why dont you make it a cultural Xmas this year- give them as gifts.