Hi everyone... I'm looking to sell - as a set only - a Canon PowerShot S50 digital camera and the Canon waterproof case designed for it (Canon WP-DC300). The camera is a few years old, but is in perfect working order (I just spent $100 in October to have it cleaned and checked and can provide receipt for verification). The camera is one of the best I've ever had... it's a true workhorse, having served me well on 2 previous trips to Belize. The only reason I'm looking to sell it is I recently got a newer Canon digital camera that needed a new underwater housing and there's no need for me to have 2 sets.

Here's the link to the Canon website where you can search for more specific informaton on the camera (the case is listed under Supplies and Accessories on the S50 page). The camera shoots 5MP pics and the waterproof case is good up to 100 foot depth (I used the set a few times at shark ray alley to take both pics and video clips). http://www.usa.canon.com.

The camera and underwater case both come in original packaging (though the waterproof case box is quite warn from it's trips to SP). The accessories included in the camera box include: Manual, Wrist Strap; AV Cable AVC-DC100; USB Cable; ArcSoft Camera Suite CD-ROM; Battery Charger CB-2LT. The only thing missing is a software CD, but this can be downloaded from the Canon website. I'm also including 2 Canon Lithium Batteries (NB-2L) as well as a 1 GB, 512MB and 32MB compact flash memory cards. The waterproof case comes with the manual, both a wrist and neck strap, as well as a tube of silicone grease and defogging liquid.

I'm looking to sell this set, with all the above mentioned accessories, for $300US, OBO. I will be in San Pedro from January 8-15 so if you're on the island you would also get "free shipping". If you're not currently on the island but would like to buy this for your next visit, you would also pay for shipping (price to be confirmed with post office once I knew your location). Payment terms to be negotiated depending on location.

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