I moved here almost 3 years ago and still haven't unpacked, so I realized that all those boxes of stuff are things I don't need. So here they go;
Two beautiful but very heavy mirrors for sale. One round, about 40 inches in diameter, still in packing crate.
One rectangular, about 24" by 36" Both are dark brown in color with substantial frames with subtle images on them.

Two designer bedding sets, both like new with many pillows, shams, skirt, one set embroidered with little birds and flowers, the other heavy stripes of olive green, turquoise, gold and camel.

Will add to this from time to time with candle sticks, lamps, pewter etc.

Pewter and wood box with hooks inside to hold keys. Hang on the wall. Beautiful little piece.

Polish pottery, plates, cups, serving pieces, baking dishes. All different patterns.

Silver tea service with tray.

White "one size" Turkish towel bathrobe. Pure white with navy piping. (Nope, not stolen from an expensive hotel)

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