Sofia Jones celebrated her 106th birthday with family and friends.
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Sophia Jones, Belize’s oldest citizen, celebrated her 106th birthday with a smile on Sunday, December 28.

Jones has been a resident of the Sister Cecilia Home for the elderly since February 2000.

The instituion’s most famous resident celebrated her birthday with her children and extended family at the home.

Her daughter, Mirian Austin, said, “She believes in God and always tries to keep us together; me, her kids, grandkids and everybody she meets. She is always talking about God.”

Jones has five children and has been widowed twice, when successive husbands died in 1953 and 1977. After their passing, she remained single, and in 2000, after she was no longer able to take care of herself, the family moved her into the Sister Cecilia Home.

Sophia’s only daughter, 68-year-old Mirian, lives in the United States, but returns home every year to spend time with her mom and brothers.

According to the family, Jones does not suffer from any major illnesses, but due to her age, has difficulty speaking, hearing and seeing well. Supervisor of the Sister Cecelia Home, Rose Armstrong, told the Reporter, “she is still going strong and is physically well. Jones is still in good spirits.”

In addition to her five children, Sophia Jones also has 16 grandchildren and 14 great grand children.

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