Our group got in from AC late last night. We stayed at the Mayan Princess and used Amigos del Mar for diving. We also used SEAduced for a trip out to Lamanai.

As for how it went...it was AWESOME!!! The Mayan Princess is a nice hotel right in the middle of San Pedro. Plenty of water and electricity there and the people are incredibly nice and helpful. The MP is right next to Fidos so we spent some time there. Nice place but it's not a "local" bar. I preferred Mr. C's accross the street. But Fidos is still a great place to meet up and go out for dinner or whatever.

We found Estels (sp?) diner to be one of the best places for food. Breakfast was the best there. Reasonable prices and good food right on the beach. We also ate at Ramon's which was good. They're making a nice little resort there (if that's what you want).

If you're going diving I'd suggest Amigos. They are the best! Not only are they probably the largest dive operator there, from our experience, it would be hard to find someone better. We dove with Alex (everyone there knows him) and either one of the two Tony's or Fillepe assisting him. All of them were great. Once they knew we were alright they pretty much let us enjoy the dives and found a lot of cool life for us. The dive sites were up to us and we weren't rushed.

If you're going out there, you HAVE to do the Blue Hole dive. It was one of the strangest yet best dives I've done. But keep in mind it's a DEEP dive. We actually wound up doing a slight decompression dive but it was WELL worth it. Alex showed us a small cavern and we also saw about 12 reef sharks who came in to see what we were doing. AWESOME! The other two dives you do on the day trip were also incredible dives out there.

The reef in close to AC was beaten up pretty badly by Hurricane Mitch so it's not as alive as the reed at Turneffe or farther out. The extra ride out there is well worth it.

I can't say enough about Amigos del Mar. If you're going there and you're diving, go with them. They took great care of us.

The trip to Lamanai was good as well. It's a long trip but well worth it if you'd like to see some jungle and ruins. You also can see just how lucky you've got it since you go through villages that have no electricity or running water. And keep in mind that whole area was flooded out with Keith! And they were all extremely nice people.

If you're looking for a "resort" AC is NOT the place to go. If you're looking for a great time without the tourist crap you see everywhere else then AC is EXACTLY where you should go.

We'd like to go back since rumor has it they're creating a park at Glover's Reef where you'll see whale sharks. I can't wait for that one!

Anyway, we had a GREAT time!!!

The Rickster