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A New Year…A New Life - When most of the people were out celebrating the New Year, Baby Zachariah Isaiah Arnold made his way out into a new world to enjoy what life has to offer in the company of his mother Luna Torres and father Joel Arnold.

Zachariah Isaiah Arnold was born under the care of Dr. Daniel Gonzalez at the Ambergris Hopes Clinic on January 1, 2009 at 6:56a.m. He weighed in at eight pounds and four ounces.

And while most people were out on the streets celebrating with champagne, Baby Zachariah had a more fun way to celebrate when he was welcomed by Ambergris Today’s beautiful array of gifts from generous patrons and Ambergris Today sponsors. Dr. Daniel Gonzalez not only received the baby, but also provided free checkups for both baby and mother.

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Ambergris Today congratulates Luna Torres proud mother of Zachariah Isaiah Arnold for bringing in the New Year with such a joyous gift. Ambergris Today is awarding Baby Zachariah with the below prizes donated to us by the following businesses. We thank them for their generous hearts!

In Belize City, another baby was born at the KHMH at 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday, January 1. A bouncing baby girl, weighing six pounds five ounces, is the first child to 22 year old mother Oretha Young and proud father Mario Estrada. Baby Young received a gift basket from Santiago Castillo Ltd.

List of Donors:
* Full coverage with Ambergris Today
* Baby Crib from C’s Furniture World
* Round Trip flight for mom and baby to Belize City by Tropic Air
* Hamper by Santiago Castillo Ltd.
* $200 from the San Pedro Town Council
* $100 bank account from Belize Bank
* $150 Super Junior Account by Atlantic Bank
* Photo Shoot from Belicolor
* Jewelry by Mel Spain
* Gift by Save On
* Gift by Happy Kids
* Gift by San Pedro Supermarket
* Gift by Caye Supplies
* Gift by Sanpedranos Store
* Gift by Moondancer
* Gift by Sexis Boutique
* Gift by Richie’s Supermarket
* Gift by NaiNels
* Gift By Sweet Dreams Genesis
* 8 x !0 Picture by Designing Solutions
* Mug with baby’s picture by Gecko Graphics
* Cake by Casa Pan Dulce
* First two free check ups with Dr. Daniel Gonzalez
* Two free check ups for baby, 1 microdermabrasion for mom by Clinica Los Pinos

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