Hi! Just returned from a trip to SP, and I can't answer all your questions, but I do know that Estel's is open for business- we had breakfast there a few days. I highly recommend the Mayan eggs...yummy! Tell Charley that Dawn and David from Englewood said to say "Hello"! Hope your trip is as wonderful as ours was- would love to go back again! By the way, we did dive the Blue Hole-the trip out was a bear; quite rough on my hubby's back. (He's had 3 surgeries already at age 44) But the dive was awesome- went with Amigos Del Mar, and they took excellent care of us. Saw 6-8 bull sharks at around 100 ft- too cool! Also will recommend a trip to Capricorn's- well worth the price and the water taxi. Also enjoyed Jambel Jerk, and the restaurant at Victoria House. We called for a reservation, and they sent a taxi to come pick us up at our resort, and they picked up the tab! Didn't find a wetsuit to fit my husband, so he dove without, but said he was comfortable. I was glad that I wore my shortie- this is a bit disjointed...sorry, but it's getting late! Have a great trip, and enjoy every minute! Dawn