This morning a container loaded with 22 tons of papaya left Little Belize in Orange Walk enroute to the Port of Belize. But it never made it- at least not on time because on the northern highway the container carrying the papayas overturned – causing traffic to be backed up. 7NEWS was on the scene.

Keith Swift Reporting,
The 22 tons of papaya were inside this container. The driver Carlos Perez says that at mile 6 – this stabilizer bar broke loose on the truck which sent the container tumbling. It skidded, leaving this crater in the highway. It ultimately landed on the shoulder of the road.

Carlos Perez, Truck Driver
“He said that the pin just came off of its place and that is why the container slide away and it dropped.”

Keith Swift,
What’s inside?

Carlos Perez,

Keith Swift,
Where was he taking this papaya?

Carlos Perez,
“Port of Belize. If he was coming fast, the whole truck would have turned over too.”

The 22 tons of papayas were neatly packed and should be salvageable but Carlos Perez can’t say the same thing about his job.

Carlos Perez,
“He says that he never expected something to happen to him like this and he doesn’t know if he will lose his job or what but that is all he is thinking right now.”

A crane was used to remove the container after we left. We are unsure the status of its cargo. This was Carlos Perez’s third day on the job – though he says he’s been driving since he was 17 years old.

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