The Toledo Cacao Fest is an annual event which takes place at the Punta Gorda Town, Toledo District.

This year the event will be on the 22nd to 24th May, 2009. Come join us for a fun filled family weekend over the Common Wealth Day Holiday Weekend.

Activities include Cacao Trail Tours, which takes you into the heart of Toledo to enjoy harvesting Cacao pods from the tree, a local dish of the Maya. Wine and chocolate evening, a social event which allows you to taste different chocolate, wine with live music entertainment, and delicious appetizers. Cacao for kid, allows the children to have fun with chocolate and Cacao.The Cultural Maya Dance, gives you the opportunity to see the local Maya performing on of their ancestral dance. The local craft fair, showcases the different crafts made by the local people of Toledo depicting Cacao or chocolate. Miss Cacao Fest Pageant, will have females vying for the Miss Cacao 2009/2010, while depicting their culture. Marine tours, allows you to enjoy a boat ride to see the Bay of Honduras and into the Port Honduras Marine Reserve. Cacao and Chocolate products-Cookery Fair, allows you to taste the different products made of chocolate and Cacao, and to see a demonstration of how some of them are made, and others.

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