Following a traffic accident in Chetumal last month, it has been brought to our attention that Belizeans driving into Mexico are required to insure their vehicles prior to entering Chetumal or at the border. Marcelino Miranda of the Mexican Embassy in Belize today explained that this law is not new and was put in place long before last month’s incident.
Marcelino Miranda; Public Relations Executive Mexican Embassy in Belize
“The requirement of the insurance is not new. That is something that has existed for many years and the Embassy of Mexico just wants to remind people that it is necessary. Maybe some people did not know about it, but all foreign vehicles that enter Mexico need third party insurance as a minimum.”
Miranda says that the prices for the insurance vary depending on the companies from which they are purchased. He explains why it is important to have this insurance before entering Mexico.
Marcelino Miranda; Public Relations Executive Mexican Embassy in Belize
“It’s very important for Belizeans to know that their Belizean insurance is not valid in Mexico and that is the reason why they need to get a Mexican insurance for their vehicle. Even if they travel to Mexico for one day they need insurance from a Mexican company. It is very important because if someone travels to Mexico City, Merida, Cancun, Chetumal, if they don’t have this insurance they can be fined, and also if an accident happens they will get into some serious legal problems because they wouldn’t have the means to pay for the damages or to assure the payment for those damages. Price is highly dependent on the companies and that is why the Embassy of Mexico is highly recommending that they get in touch with the insurance companies.”
According to Miranda, Mexicans driving into Belize are also required to purchase similar insurance policies or else they would not be allowed to cross the border. He says this was one of the policies that were agreed upon during the last Belize/Mexico Border Commission meeting.
Anyone with questions regarding this matter can contact the Mexican Embassy at 822-0406.