The British Government is to build a military base in Toledo along the Sarstoon River to be manned by both British and BDF soldiers. It’s purpose: to fight the cross-border smugglers of arms and human cargo.
This is the best news in ages that Belize has heard from Britain, and it was announced by National Security Minister Carlos Perdomo at last week’s press conference, in which he released the Crooks’ Report on the status of the Belize Police Department.
Perdomo announced that 93 percent of the recommendations made by Consultant Harold Crooks of Jamaica, had been approved by a National Security Workshop Group and would be implemented.
He added that Belize will soon benefit from a $3 million initiative to strengthen the prison system and provide training and jobs through the Conscious Youth Development Programme (CYDP).
The CYDP will engage the community in programs with the help of special constables and a citizens’ coalition to work with offenders who have served their time and want to change their lives.
Minister Perdomo also said he is counting on the Merida Initiative, a new programme between the United States, Mexico and the countries of Central America to combat the drug trade and help with the interdiction of criminals.
“Crime is everybody’s business,” Perdomo said, “and step by step, we will take back our community from the criminals.”

The Reporter