I just wanted to let everyone know about Belize Bird Rescue, which is run by some wonderful friends of mine. Before you ask, this is not a solicitation for funds at all. I am just trying to raise awareness of their great work.

Most people don't realise that the parrots you see in cages around Ambergris Caye are illegal. It is an offence to keep a Belizean species of bird without a license from the Forestry Department, which they will not issue in the case of birds poached from the wild. There is currently no captive breeding programme here for the pet trade, so ALL the parrots you see kept as pets have been poached from the wild. This does not apply to birds imported legally with a CITES band, but those are not native species.

Whether it is legal or not might be a moot point for many, but the really concerning issues are that these birds are very rarely fed or cared for appropriately because people genuinely don't know how to care for them. Most die at about 5 years of age, which is very sad given the life expectancy for most parrots in captivity is 25 years plus.

Belize Bird Rescue is providing free education about the correct care of birds as well as offering a full rehabilitation facility for their return to the wild whenever possible.

Please take some time to look at their website and learn about the wild bird situation in Belize. So many people here seem to enjoy seeing the fantastic bird photography, so I was hoping you might also be interested in their conservation.

If you do read the site, you'll get a chance to see Chili, a little parrot I rescued myself.

Belize Bird Rescue

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