My family and I have been to the island and fell in love with it. My daughter saw kids playing soccer barefoot and using a ball made out of tape and what looked like paper. She made the comment that she would like to help the children of San Pedro someday by providing soccer supplies. That day has come, my daughter is doing a community service project here in AZ for her school. She is collecting used soccer equipment (shoes, balls, shin guards and uniforms) for children who would normally not be able to afford them. We are looking for a contact in San Pedro that we can work with, that will help distribute the supplies once they are shipped to the island. Can anyone recommend a soccer coach that we can contact who might be interested in working with us? Although she is only 14 she would like to give back to the game that she has enjoyed so much and has been good to her. Please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]