Getting hairy in Mexico.... drug violence getting a bit crazy

In light of increased violence from the drug trade, the U.S. State
Department has issued a warning to high school and college students
bound for Mexico for spring break.

The alert doesn't advise travelers to stay away from Mexico entirely
but recommends limiting travel to main roads during daylight hours,
leaving copies of itineraries with friends or family and refraining
from wearing expensive jewelry. It also recommends that travelers
avoid areas where prostitution or drug dealing might occur.

So far, though, airlines and travel agents report that the number of
travelers to Mexico hasn't declined.

The peso hit a new low against the U.S. dollar yesterday, falling to
15 to 1. This is a 50% decline in the value of the peso since July
2008. Though merchants have been raising prices and many hotel rates
are set in U.S. dollars, in the past eight months Mexico has become
one of the best values for American tourists.

Lan Sluder,