If you were going to buy fuel between now and midnight, we’d advise you to wait until tomorrow morning. That’s because the pump price of gas is going down. As of midnight tonight a gallon of premium will fall 59 cents – from $6.21 to $5.62. Regular will be 57 cents cheaper per gallon - from $5.79 to $5.22. Diesel will decrease 36 cents – from $4.76 to $4.40.

Ad while it’s difficult to not cynically conclude that the decreases are timed to coincide with the election, the a senior staffer in the Prime Minister’s Office told us that it is a direct pass through of a decrease in acquisition costs. We note that as world oil prices tumbled recently, pump prices in Belize stayed stubbornly high because our pump price is always timed to coincide with the price per barrel when the oil was put unto the ship in the U.S. Gulf Coast – not the price per barrel when the shipment arrives to Belize.

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