The 2009 edition of the Destination Belize Magazine has arrived and copies are currently available for distribution. This is the 15th edition published for the Belize Tourism Industry Association by Ulrich Communications in the United States. Nicole Solano is the Executive Director at the Belize Tourism Industry Association <> .

Nicole Solano; Executive Director, Belize Tourism Industry Association
“We received it in our offices last week Thursday. It is the official visitor magazine of the BTIA so it includes information on all the destinations within Belize and it includes advertisements for many of these locations. Basically the distribution is in hotel rooms so all of the hotels who are members as well as advertisers would actually have a copy in their rooms. This year we have hard copies so those actually stay in the room for the hotel guests to enjoy. We also have soft cover books that are used for general distribution. For example if tourists drop by your office or if they go to trade shows they can be distributed because they include quite a bit of information on the country.”

This year’s issue showcases Belize’s diversity, including the different ethnic groups and our most celebrates tourist destinations. Solano say that this year, the magazine is available in both the traditional soft cover for general distribution and a hard cover for hotel rooms only.

Nicole Solano; Executive Director, Belize Tourism Industry Association
“Every year it is updated so it includes new cites; any new hotels, any new members, any new information related to Belize is included in the new edition. It also has new photos and new attractions. It is an effective publication, In fact, a lot of people look out for it the following year so some people use it over and over again while others are seeing it for the first time. We try to make sure that it includes as much information as possible for the current year.”

The BTIA publishes the magazine every year with input from their members, the Board of Directors and their industry partners.

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