[Linked Image] Belize Christian Academy is the 2009 National Math Olympiad Champions
Mar 12, 2009
Belize Christian Academy from Belmopan is the 2009 National Math Olympiad
Champions. This is the first time BCA took part in the competition and they came out on top with 2,700 points. Six teams from four regions took part in
the finals held this morning at the Belize City Center. They include
defending champion, Corozal Community College, Orange Walk Technical
College, Belize Christian Academy, Independence High School, Saint
Catherineís Academy and Saint Johnís College. Guest speaker at the opening
ceremony this morning was Deputy Chief Education Officer Allan Genitty. In
his address he highlighted the significance of mathematics in relation to
national development.

Allan Genitty; Deputy Chief Education Officer

ďAside from being the basics of all scientific and engineering disciplines,
new mathematical and statistical methods and models are used in areas such
as modern communication, computer and software development, banking and
finance, testing of new drugs and ecological impact studies. It is observed
that students in highly progressive countries in Europe and Asia performed
extremely well in mathematics and science and there is a link between these
subjects and development. Therefore a competition which seeks as its main
objective to improve mathematic scores can only be seen as a step in the
right direction.Ē

Second place in the competition went Saint Johnís College with 1850 points
and Saint Catherineís Academy took third place with 1800 points. Some 39
secondary schools from across the country took part in this yearís
competition. The Belize Math Olympiad began three years ago and is being
sponsored by the Belize Social Security Board with the support of other
stakeholders like the Ministry of Education.

Story by Love FM, photo by The Reporter