From the Chamber of Commerce....

The Pioneers of Prosperity contacted the Chamber in February about an awards program to recognize dynamic Caribbean businesses. Winning companies will receive up to $100,000 US. Details and applications available at email: [email protected] .

They followed up saying that they had received 36 applications from Belize and felt that the program has been very successful so far but they want to do better. 

Good afternoon!

In speaking to many of our partners on the ground, and prospective applicants, we have heard that it would be beneficial for us to extend the deadline for the application out two weeks. Taking this consideration into effect, we have moved the deadline to March 23rd.

As of 4pm this morning, we received 36 applications from Belize. This is definitely something to be proud of…yet I am confident that in Belize, there are a few dozen additional companies that we have not reached. Given the extra two weeks we have, I am hoping we can break 70 applications (and the stretch goal would be 100) for Belize. Please let me know if you have any recommendations on how we can best achieve this!

Please keep in mind that you can personally recommendindividuals directly at:,com_facileforms/Itemid,76/

Attached (as well as below) is an email we hope you can forward on to your members. If possible, please cc: [email protected] on those emails.

Thanks again for all your support! We look forward to identifying and learning about the great SMEs in Belize!