From the Chamber of Commerce...

Tom Vidrine received the following letter from the Belize Cycling Association about up coming events.

Dear Sir/Madam:

First, we thank you for your tremendous support for the sport we hold dear to our hearts over the past years. We are a newly elected body and we are trying to put things in perspective. We have an open door policy to our partners who are in this for the development of our sport. Apart from the office numbers, below is a list of our executive and their direct contact numbers; we welcome your enquiries and concerns.

The Belize Cycling Association is hereby seeking partnership with your company for 81st Edition of the Annual Cross Country Cycling Classics, scheduled for Saturday, April 11th, 2009. For this prestigious event, we have placed our sponsors in different categories:

Type of Donor Amt of Contribution Finish Line Banner Banners 3 x 8Platinum $10,000.00 1 3Gold $5000.00 3Silver $2,500.00 2Bronze $1,000.00 1Contributor $500.00 1Other $25.00-$400
Based on the size of your contribution, we will acknowledge your contribution in our promotional race ad or on the day of the race via the media coverage. However, to be part of our promotional ad, contribution will need to in at least two weeks prior to the event. Be assured that maximum publicity will be given to your company or product with your donation.

A meeting could be arranged at your convenience to further discuss same. We thank you in advance for your consideration to our request and anxiously awaiting your most favourable response.

Yours in cycling,

Emil Moreno

The Belize Cycling Association
P.O. Box 1994
7202 Caesar Ridge Road

Tel: 207-5677 or 824-4262 or Cell 670-0952
Email: [email protected]