The Friends of the Humane Society will be holding a meeting this upcoming thursday evening at 6pm at El Divino (Banana Beach Resort)

All members are asked to attend. Any member of the public that is interested in joining FOTHS is invited to attend. If you plan to be at this meeting please send an email to : <[email protected]> so that we can provide a headcount and the venue will be set up to accommodate us.

FOTHS is the fundraising group that has been formed to benefit the SAGA SOCIETY.

Attendants are asked to send via email any suggestions for items they would like to see on the agenda for this meeting. The meeting is scheduled to last 1 hour and only items listed on the agenda will be discussed at this meeting.

Please consider what you can offer FOTHS and SAGA in terms of volunteer hours, expertise, qualifications etc and in what capacity you would be willing to serve.

The meeting will include a treasurers report, and nominations and appointments of 3 FOTHS members who will be tasked with liaising with the SAGA SOCIETY board of directors in order to assess the needs of the organization and the best methods in which to meet those needs.

The SAGA SOCIETY has provided a full time vet, a dog shelter and cat shelter and numerous other animal related services for many years. It operates on donations and counts on volunteers in many ways. If you are interested in becoming a member of the SAGA SOCIETY please contact <[email protected]>

SAGA will continue to provide press releases to keep the public updated on its progress and needs.