Since the second one has been caught, I have been snorkeling around searching for a Lionfish in the waters of Ambergris Caye, with no luck so far I might add. Browsing the internet today, I stumbled on this article on the (very informative) Caye Caulker Chronicles Blog. The bottom line of the story is that Lionfish may have been around longer than we think. That would mean that they are not as successful as we fear. On the other hand it may well be that this was an incident, a single fish that escaped somewhere nearby and never found a partner to reproduce (because it was alone here).
Who will tell us?
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Lionfish Spotted In Belize Waters Since 2001?
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March 16, 2009

This picture was taken off the coast of Placencia in 2001.

I have been in contact with Ecomar Belize, the San Pedro Sun.

I was diving with the Seahorse Dive Shop at the time. It was taken with 35mm film so there is no way to get a date from it like digital photos. I have also been in touch with Mito Paz with Green Reef whom I have know for 20 years.I know the date because it was entered in my pc from my dive computer.

Bobby Sutton
Austin, Texas

Note: Fisheries Department and other interested parties, please take note!

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