[b]Eye Clinic at the Polyclinic in San Pedro April 14, 15[/b]

Dr. Zobal-Ratner will held eye clinics at the polyclinic in San Pedro April 14 and 15. She is a pediatric ophthalmologist and will be happy to see children and also adults. This is her second trip to San Pedro; last year she did a large screening at Holly Cross School. Her clinics are free of charge.

At the same time, two other ophthalmologists, Dr. Mabel Cheng and Dr. Erik Niemi, will be working at BCVI’s National Eye Clinic in Belize City. They will be examining patients, performing cataract and laser surgery. Please call the NEC for appointments.

The following Eye Mission trip will be Dr. Paul Beer, working at NEC in Belize City on June 1 & 2. Dr. Beer will focus primarily on patients with diabetic retinopathy for examinations and laser treatments.

The Eye mission scheduled trips can be seen on the Calendar page at http://www.eyemission.com .