Luxury Sailboat Stolen in Martinique, Found in Belize

[Linked Image] A half a million dollar luxury yacht stolen from the island of Martinique has turned up in Belize. The “Ishtar” was rented by Czech national Gaspar Milos from a company in Martinique on February 28th. But miles allegedly took off in the luxury yacht and never looked back. He docked in Belize two weeks at the Cucumber Beach Marina at Old Belize which is where our story begins.

Keith Swift Reporting,

It says it is the ‘Victoria’ but what you’re looking at is the ‘Ishtar’ – a six figure luxury yacht with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room, and a dining room. It sailed into the cucumber beach marina with four men onboard 2 weeks ago.

Keith Swift,
Was there anything suspicious about these men?

Francis Woods, Crime Stoppers
“Not particularly. It is kind of weird that you see four guys come in just like that. Normally it is a couple, a retired couples, families that come in on sail boats. They just hanged out at the bar and they drank a lot of beers and they went to Palm Island at night, that kind of stuff. So there was nothing really too suspicious.

They came in and right away they had some little issues with immigration because they didn’t come in with all the proper paperwork and they managed to get some bills of sale and seaworthiness certificate for the boat to immigration. That satisfied them that they were the owners of the boat and they got their passports back. If this poster did not come through Crime Stoppers, we would have never known that this was an illegal boat or a stolen boat.”

The poster is this flyer from West Indies Crime Stoppers about a stolen vessel from Martinique. It came along with passport photos of the four men and that’s what set off alarms for Woods.

Francis Woods,
“On Monday evening we got information from Crime Stoppers, a poster, that a vessel was stolen from Martinique and once I saw the poster and the passport pictures of the persons aboard, we realized that the sailboat was indeed in Cucumber Beach Marina. Then we notified the Belize National Coast Guard which Commander Borland sent out his team right away and notified police. I would say that within half hour the police were here, the gentlemen aboard the boat were away for a little bit, but within two hours they were arrested.

The way Crime Stoppers works is that you can get the information to the right authorities and this guy that sent that information did a good job because not only did he send a picture of the sailboat but he sent passport pictures of the gentlemen who stole it and so that’s what triggered it because I didn’t recognize the boat because they had painted over the sides of the boat and changed the name. So it would have been hard for anybody regularly to recognize it.”

Keith Swift,

So Crime Stopper worked.

Francis Woods,
“This is certainly our biggest recovery. This thing is valued at $400,000 as it is. A brand new boat like this is about $600,000. So it is definitely our biggest report where Crime Stoppers successful.”

The mastermind is believed to be this man: Czech national Milos Gaspar who is wanted in Missouri for fraud. The yacht will remain at cucumber beach until its owner claims it.

The men detained by police are Czech nationals Gaspar Milos, Jan Minarik, and Miroslav Dolezalex and Australian national Petr Dombrovsky. We have no indications as to when they will be charged. Again the boat is at cucumber beach and will remain there until the owner from Martinique sends for it. No word on who will get the reward money from Crime Stoppers but Francis Woods says today’s bust is an indication that Crime Stoppers is still working. That number is 0-800-922-TIPS.

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