Local icon “Popula Fat Bwai” dies

[Linked Image] He was known to everyone as ‘Popula Fat Bwai’, and as his alias indicates, he is well known around town both for his joviality and his weight. Up until today, he was a permanent fixture at his West Canal shop. His real name is Glenford Spain and just around mid-day today in sweltering temperatures, the forty-six year old collapsed in front of his business; Spain’s Vegetable Shop, and died within minutes. Spain is said to have been ill for a while and was hospitalized until very recently. In fact, he had not been to his shop for weeks until today. And while his illness is believed to be the cause for the fall, Spain hit his head on the pavement and when he landed, he suffered a severe injury, which might have led to his death. A crowd gathered in disbelief at the West Canal shop as the over four hundred pound man was carried away and his pregnant common-law-wife broke down in tears. News Five was at the scene and spoke to a friend of Spain’s, Robert Young, who bar-b-cues in front of the shop and witnessed the incident.

Robert Young, Friend of Glenford Spain

“Earlier todeh, ih would ah be some time before twelve. Mr. Spain, ih come, ih stay eena ih van bout fifteen minutes. Ih come out, ih walk dis side and ih seh hello to me, I seh hello to ah. Ih open di first lock. When ih done open di first lock, ih move towards di second lock, ih drop. We rush to ih aid, we call di ambulance. Basically, dat dah it. Well, Mr. Spain sick fi—bout two weeks ago ih mi deh eena hospital fi wah week and actually todeh dah di first day ih come out fi dis week.”

Delahnie Bain
“When he came out this morning, was he looking like he’s okay? Did he look sick or…”

Robert Young
“Actually, dah like I se, ih spend bout fifteen minutes eena ih vehicle, lean back eena ih vehicle because ih actually neva feel good.”

While Spain's weight was detrimental to his health, according to Young, he was still a hardworking man and a very good friend. Glenford Spain, dead at forty-six.


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