Transport Ministry adopts Intl drivers license

[Linked Image] It wasn’t a grand ceremony today in Belmopan, but for those in the Transport Ministry, the new international driver’s license is a big deal and an accomplishment that was a long time coming. And according to the officials, the card not only meets international standards, but its new security features will prevent fraud. But while having a driver’s license that allows Belizeans to drive in other countries is convenient, enforcing the basic traffic laws on reckless drivers is another issue that we tried to get answered today from the Minister of Transport, Melvin Hulse.

Melvin Hulse, Minister of Transport

“We try to push to make sure that incompetent people noh get driver’s license right away; at least they get a little bit of training. Mek we push to put more lines on the highway and more cat’s eyes on the highway. Let us open the side of the road, start to put in pedestrian walkways. I’ve already spoken to various radio stations where the Ministry of Transport start to put in on a daily basis some hints to drivers. We have been trying to get things in and have more and more enforcement, more checkpoints.”

“We di get the manpower now to be monitoring those who get tickets because they never have no rear light and the brakes weren’t good, and with the one headlight dah front and the high beam. So as we are increasing, this new financial year, hopefully we’ll get more vehicles and more people.”

Stuart Simmons, Project Manager
“The card itself has many features, one is the overlay which gives you an image that there is no tampering with the card. Additionally, the card has what is called the 2-D bar code that allows that the information on the card can be easily read so that one can show the authentication of the card. Also embedded within the card is a hologram that can only be seen under a certain kind of light that allows that to be viewed. Another important feature is that the card is recognized internationally. It falls under the AAMVA, which is the Association for American Motor Vehicles and Administration. In Belize there’s not a standard card as should be. In Belize City there’s one, there’s also another one within the other districts so to have standardization is also very important.”

The new license will cost the same price for now.

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