Outside gallery for artists in San Pedro

[Linked Image] Art is normally found in a gallery and the lighting is normally manipulated to reflect the best hues on installations and the images on canvas. But art is not always mounted on gallery walls; sometimes they are best on the streets. On the island of San Pedro while on another assignment, News Five’s Jose Sanchez found an outdoor gallery where a local artist works on the street.

Jose Sanchez Reporting

Terryl Godoy, better known as Man At Work, used to be a permanent fixture on the Albert Street pavement in Belize City. But he now works on the cobble stone streets of San Pedro.

Terryl Godoy, Man at Work
“Painting doesn’t sell like it used to in the city anymore so I have to come and sell paintings for the tourists”

Jose Sanchez
“Looking at the actual content, I’m used to the old building in Belize City. What are painting out here?”

Terryl Godoy
“Usually I don’t paint these buildings and stuff around San Pedro but I just decide to paint this today, so comes you guys meet me today. Otherwise, I’d be up in Captain’s Morgan on the deck and I’ll be painting small paintings for like fifty U.S and like that for the tourist. I use to have palette that I work with and I find that I lost the palette so many times so I decide, what the heck, paint in my hands, it’s not gonna hurt. I can not get rid of this palette, this is the best palette. This is how I do my thing now.”

During his time on La Isla Bonita, Godoy has also developed a palate for music.

Terryl Godoy
“Music is the first reason why I am out here because I’m a one man band. They call one man band with the individual style. Keyboard and sing, right. I play keyboard and sing with the big band I play slide trombone.”

Jose Sanchez
“Do you find you’re making more money out here than you would have in the city at this point?”

Terryl Godoy
“Well, yes because first it was—I just depending on painting alone. But now it’s about paint and music and I have my original songs and everything so this is what I’m pushing.”

Jose Sanchez
“Painter by day and singer by night?”

Terryl Godoy
“Exactly, just like you said it”

A few yards away in the park, several artists collaborate on an outdoor gallery and sale at the central park.

Adolfo Fito Duran, Painter
“We try to do this every year, we’re just trying to promote local artist and we’re gonna try to be moving around the country and try to promote our art. And as you can see we have some beautiful pieces here. Mostly we’re trying to portray Belizean scenes especially underwater and you know people would like to take a souvenir back home. We’ll like to do like sunrise also, I’ll just try to picture Belize and I will put everything together. Also can anybody have an idea what we have to offer here in Belize. Well, I’m a dive master, and you know I try to focus on something else and I decided to do underwater because I miss the water so much and I have fun doing it and I like the sunset and the beautiful scenes we have here in Belize also.”

Noel Szac, Painter
“Well No. I paint what I see, anything. Different things from San Pedro, all nature.”

Jose Sanchez[b]
“Any particular style that you like?”

[b]Noel Szac

“Well, no. like I say, I paint anything.”

Marvin Mesa
“I paint using different styles; some paintings are realistic using photos from different places. The prices vary depending on the style and size. My inspiration comes from nature itself, from what God created. I like to paint things from nature like jaguars and underwater scenes.”

Fred Trejo, Painter
“I painted since eighteen years ago and I was living here about twenty years. Right now I was living in Corozal. I paint over there and bring my pieces over here on the island.”

Jose Sanchez
“What kind of paints do you have?”

Fred Trejo
“Mostly like things like we have here like in beautiful Belize like the jaguars, the reef, things like that. We also got these pieces we call them lex like for put flour tortillas.”


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