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Hi friends,

I have sent you all this link

because I thought it could be of geographical or patriotic importance, since Belize is going to eventually have to vote whether or not we will go to the International Court of Justice with Guatemala and either retain or lose a portion of our territory, (Land and or water.) is a website that shows the Exclusive Economic Zone EEZ of all the countries. You’ll get to the main page and then in the "please select" box you will need to drop the list at the arrow and pick Belize. A map and statistical data will appear about our territory. I hope it helps us all begin to understand the situation. Note guys I am not in any way trying to influence your vote in the referendum that will eventually come up. I just want to provide information because few people are familiar with an EEZ or much less the size of our EEZ. This web site and the web in general, can help.