Just to let everyone know, there WAS a response to the help solicited on 1/19 for the San Pedro High School soccer team.
(Please read, if interested.)
Now if we can just get some people and groups to act on the project of extending some help, I think we can get the boys here.

We sent balls, school materials, etc., but to get them here would take some help with travel expenses.
We, of course, will be helping them while they are here staying in our homes.
I have already planned on making sure they have shin guards, long sleeve shirts, and gloves to wear during their matches. Five years ago, the last time they came, the cold was a real shock to them. Also, many of them saw snow up close for the first time in their lives!
They will be playing 5 matches with local high schools, and I don't think they have uniforms yet. Eurosport is helping them with their passback program, but again, that's not getting them here.

I hope an effort can be made to try to show we care about them in a more worldly manner than just worrying about the climate and hotel accomodations on the island while one of us is traveling there. I'm sure that an act of kindness here would go a long way to making Ambergris Caye an even more welcome place than it is already for tourists in the future. Too many times the "ugly American" rears its ugly head in pristine vacation areas such as this one and a little show of care to a small island like this lasts a long time. Some of my kids from five years ago still communicate with their host families there and I never stop hearing about what a wonderful trip the last exchange was.

Again, the teacher/coach that is in charge of the exchange program's email is
and his name is Emil Vasquez.
I think he was a bit taken when someone off this board wrote and sent help a couple days ago....thanks a lot and let's keep it going!

Pete Hauschner
Teacher / Coach
Nelson County High School