With the help of the article Ambergris Today published about the progress at the San Pedro RC School Cafeteria, a freezer, refrigerator and a stove were kindly donated by Richard Medina and Jose Rivera to the project in progress. Eve Dembeck, who is spearheading the project, was delighted with the donation and told Ambergris Today that much progress has been made with all the donations and assistance she is getting from volunteers.

Last week, Deputy Mayor Nesto Gomez lent a helping hand to Eve as the electrical work was being installed in the nearby library also in the RC School compound. The wiring for the cafeteria was also in the process of being installed. With the help of the San Pedro Town Council and other donations, Mr. Gomez is helping with the construction of the cafeteria as much as he can.

“We have come a long way,” commented Mr. Gomez. “But there is still a lot to be done. We ask for the kind donations of persons or business that can lend us a helping hand to finish this great project for the school.”

“The children and the school will benefit tremendously with this new cafeteria which can also be used as an extra room for projects or meetings,” commented Eve.

With the help of Kate Eggert and other volunteers, Eve is working very hard to finish the project before she leaves for the US for a while. She commented that four ceiling fans are on the top of the wanted list, along with floor paint. Any cash donations or assistance would greatly help the project move along. Wiring for all the electrical work has been obtained and electrician Rodrigo Vasquez has volunteered his services for free.

Two lovely angels are dedicating their heart and soul to make this project a reality so that the school children can be provided with a healthier meal plan during break and lunch times. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. You can contact Eve at 623-9962 of Kate at 206-2668. Both of them extend their gratitude to all those who have donated and helped so far with the construction of the RC School Cafeteria.

Ambergris Today