Just want to say we loved Ambergris. I did ask on this blog before we left about things to do on the mainland for a day, we wanted to show are grandkids 13 and 14 the wildlife, maybe some hiking. It was suggested by a few people to go to the zoo. We did and all 4 of us thought it was pretty much a waste of 250.00{water taxi, driver to get us there, food and then back] I understand that these are animals you will only see in Belize, but it's still a zoo with animals in cages. Most of them you could not even see as they were hidden. I wish we would have gone hiking somewhere else to see animals in the wild. This is just to give people another opinion. Had i read a blog like mine before we left we would have done something else. WE stayed at the Coral Pelicano in Tres Coco area, nice place and we all love the island and can't wait to come back. WE had so much fun. Thank you Mik