Central Building Authority takes charge of supervising construction activities in Belize

The authoritative body to control building constructions in Belize, known as the Central Building Authority, has been revitalised.
The aim of the Central Building Authority (CBA) is to control the construction of buildings in the interest of public health and safety, set building standards, ensure conformity and monitor construction.
The Central Building Authority is also authorized to make regulations which dictate the use of materials and methods of construction, and control the development of buildings being constructed.
The CBA was created by the passing and ratification of the Belize Building Act of 2003, but it had been dormant for some time until earlier this year.
The body has countrywide jurisdiction, working in collaboration with town and village councils, the Belize City Council, or any other body or organization that builds or constructs buildings.
The CBA is comprised of a small staff of three persons, being the Director, Paul Satchwell and two building and construction inspectors.

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