Belizean Mangroves are the guardians of Belizean shorelines, saving millions of dollars annually against damage from storms, erosion and rising sea levels. As these threats increase, the need to conserve this precious resource becomes even greater. To recognize efforts on behalf of Belizean mangroves, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is sponsoring the first ever "Mangrove-Friendly Shoreline Development Challenge." Developers, townships and property owners in Belize who have taken steps to conserve Belizean mangrove are invited to enter.

Entries should include:

1. Contact information including name, address, phone, and email.
2. Map or diagram of the project showing general dimensions (hand drawn is fine).
3. One page description of the project describing steps that were taken to conserve mangroves (planting, conservation zones, building plan etc.), the specific benefits of mangrove conservation for this project, and the approximate date of project completion.
4. Up to 5 photos or JPEG files of the project (<5MB).

Submissions and questions may be submitted by email to [email protected] or sent to Mangrove Shoreline project, General Delivery, Placencia Village, Stann Creek District, Belize.

Projects will be judged according to conservation value, aesthetics, sustainability and creativity. Winners will receive a certificate or recognition from WWF, a small cash prize, and be advertised locally and internationally on WWF publications in print and on the internet.

Deadline for entry: May 27, 2009