I get lots of emails from tourist mistakenly thinking they are going to see Whale Sharks when they visit Ambergris Caye.
We have Whale Shark sightings almost as frequently as Elvis sightings. (not often)
I thought it might be helpful to direct them to the info below.
and have them understand its the other end of the country about 100 miles away.
check out this site
26 miles from Placencia is Gladden Spit, which is a break in the barrier reef, and is where the largest fish in the sea, the whale sharks, come every year during the period of the full moon in June. It is common at this time to see large schools of Snappers spawning by the thousands. This attracts the whale sharks which pass through them to feed. Divers and snorkelers will likely see these majestic creatures very close up but are not allowed to chase, ride, touch nor otherwise disturb the whale sharks. It is an unforgettable experience to see these gentle giants.

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