The owner of Ras Safari Bar is back and his bar on the southern tip of the island is open again! After his wife became ill they returned to Jamacia and the bar has only been open intermittantly for several years now.

Below is stolen from Tim & Tina's "Island Life" blogg. I hope you guys don't mind me posting it here. I'm just so excited to have Robert back on the island full time and hopefully seeing the bar open full time now. I look forward to meeting him as he has been gone since before I started visiting.

Tim, can you get me Robert's contact info? Email or cell #?

From "Island Life" blogg...
To my amazement my old friend is back in town,I didn't notice him with the beard. We immediately headed over to his Bar while trying to catch up on each others lives, navigating around Tommy 's palms. We were really happy to have a cold drink on this warm day.

We all huddled around the bar and chit chatted away. Robert assures me, he is here to stay.

Tina is having fun with the cameraRobert and Mango working the bar.It is nice to know after you navigate down South, there is a cold drink and a good friend .You cant miss them, they are at the very end of the island. People that own property down South should pay him a visit. Robert is a good friend to have, we are thrilled to have him back!

Most Southern Bar and Grill located at the tip of the Yucatan. The golf cart ride makes for a great adventure.Lots of people fish down there if your interested in fishing.Go down and see him,Robert is a fun guy.

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Tommy & Sonia Blackledge
Magee, MS 601-849-1918