Belize Water Services has applied to the Public Utilities Commission for an increase to its existing rates.

In its application, BWS claims that increasing cost due to inflation has placed the company in an adverse financial position.

The company is seeking an 8% increase.

BWS says that no tariff adjustment for inflation has been effected for the company since 2005; as a result the company has been unable to fund adequate maintenance, invest in service expansion, provide the regulated rate of return to shareholders and unable to hold adequate cash to expedite recovery from a major disaster, and where it cannot generate enough revenue from operations to meet its investment obligations.

The Public Utilities Commission is inviting the public to make comments and representations on the application. The deadline for comments to be received is Friday, June 12. Comments can be made in writing and delivered to Commissionís office, 41 Gabourel Lane, Belize City, P. O. Box 300; or by e-mail to the PUC at [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> .

The intended date for a public hearing if one is required is Wednesday June 17.

The Commission will issue its decision on Monday June 15 if no public hearing is required or on Friday, June 19 if a public hearing is held.

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