Crown Weather's tropical discussion today notes a medium chance of
tropical storm development in the Southern and/or Western Caribbean
early next week. The likely track of any system would be northward.
For us this means we might get some good rains.

With many cisterns running low and gardens looking a little bit dry,
the prospect of rain is pretty welcome to most of us.

The message for today is a reminder to be pro-active in preparation
for catching that sky juice when it arrives. Clean gutters and
downspouts of debris that has collected throughout dry season, clean
or replace the filter screens on the intake pipes to your water
storage facility. If debris collects during that first hard rain it
can clog your gutters and you may find that you don't catch much water
at all - so think ahead.

It's also a good time to check (and re-do) the caulking around windows
and doors of your home. Long periods of hot dry weather can cause the
old caulking to dry out leaving spaces where water can leak through.

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