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We’ve all heard of Johnny Appleseed, the guy that went around planting apple seeds everywhere he traveled. This “do-gooder” supposedly filled the wilderness with apple trees. Well, John Chapman (September 26th, 1774 – February 18th, 1845), aka Johnny Appleseed, actually planted nurseries to introduce apple trees to Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois in the US. Appleseed knew that the trees needed tending, if they were to survive, and left the newly planted seeds in the care of land owners.

We actually have our very own version of Johnny Appleseed right here in on Ambergris Caye. Tommy Coconutseed (aka Tom Vidrine) spends his days loading his boat with sprouted coconut palm trees and bags of dirt. Along with paid workmen, Tommy Coconutseed heads off to the vast islands and islets to give Mother Nature a helping hand in holding the existing soil together while adding the beauty that only a palm tree can in a Caribbean setting.

Tommy Coconutseed doesn’t just plant the area with palms but also helps mangroves take root on damaged beaches and shorelines. He knows that a watchful eye will help ensure the “trees of the Caribbean” survive and makes rounds quite often checking on the progress of the flora he loves.

With a green thumb, a boat, some dirt and a little help Tommy Coconutseed will continue brightening our future and holding the islands together. Set a great example for your kids, plant a tree or mangrove together.

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