USA Fly Rod Maker Sponsors Event

The upcoming Tres Pescado Slam Tournament, August 20-22, will host a fly fishing casting competition each day during the 3 day event being headquartered out of Central Park in downtown San Pedro. The fly casting event now has a new name: “Temple Fork Outfitters Cast Off,” named for the company sponsoring the event and awarding a new fly rod to each winner.

Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO) of Dallas, Texas supports many worthy community events such as the non-profit Tres Pescado Slam Tournament each year. TFO annually supports the breast cancer program “Casting For Recover” that helps heal breast cancer survivors through the sport of fly fishing as well as the “Project Healing Waters” program helping disabled war veterans deal with recover through fly fishing. The Tres Pescado Slam Tournament is very pleased to have TFO onboard supporting the type of fishing, casting and census collection the Tournament represents.

The fly casting event TFO is sponsoring for the Tournament will have a 100 foot casting lane located on Barrier Reef Drive where casters will attempt to out distance the other competitors using a new Axiom model 8 weight fly rod and reel setup provide by Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO). There will also be a casting accuracy portion of the event testing the casters’ skill in controlling the fly at the end of the line.

The competition is open to all over the age of 10 and is divided into 3 categories: Youth, Women, and Men. The Youth category allows all youth between the ages of 10-15 to compete. Casting is scheduled to begin each day at 3:30 pm.

Each caster is allowed 3 casts in the distance division with the farthest cast entered as the caster’s best distance. In the accuracy division, the casters’ will cast at 4 targets placed 20, 40, 60 and 80 feet. Three casts are allowed to be made at any of the 4 targets with each target’s points equaling its distance.

In addition to providing the casting rod and reel setup for use in the competition, TFO has provided one Axiom fast action model 8 wt saltwater fly rod to be awarded to the top Men’s Division winner; one TiCr X model fast action 8 wt saltwater fly rod for the winner of the Women’s Division; and one TiCr model 8 wt saltwater fly rod for the Youth Division winner.

Each of the winners will also received a “2009 Tres Pescado Slam Tournament – Temple Fork Outfitters Cast-Off Champion” trophy. The Axiom model 8 wt rod and reel used for the 3 day competition will be raffled off at the conclusion of the Cast-Off event with all raffle funds going to charity along with all proceeds from the 3 day Tournament.

For more information on the “Temple Fork Outfitters Cast-Off” event go to where you’ll find the complete rules.

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