While voluntarily relocating crocodiles from Price Barracks for the Belize Forest Department this past Tuesday evening (June 16th), someone broke into ACES/American Crocodile Education Sanctuary’s white F350 flatbed truck parked in the Royal Orchid’s hotel parking lot on the corner of New Road and Douglas Jones Street in Belize City.

Among the over $7,700.00 BZ worth of research equipment stolen was a yellow and black Garmin eTrex Summit HC handheld GPS in a blue and clear dry bag pouch. This GPS unit holds invaluable and irreplaceable information on the American Crocodile population in southern Belize.

Also in this same pouch was ACES’s 2009 Crocodilian Scientific Research permit. Although the permit is replaceable the information stored in this GPS unit is not. If anyone has any information leading to the return of this GPS unit and permit or any of the other equipment stolen, PLEASE contact the nearest Police Department. ACES truly hopes someone will realize the significance of this pertinent crocodile data in Crocodilian Conservation efforts in Belize.

The data can help to save endangered species Worldwide, so please come forward. The GPS unit or any of the other equipment can be placed on Tropic Air and sent to ACES in Punta Gorda for free (ACES will pay the cost at this end) and no questions asked.

In addition, if you come across the photos on the camera, they are of Belize Wildlife Officer Rasheda’s first croc capture, so please email the pictures to [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> Thank you for helping to Take a Bite Out of Extinction and Crime!

Biologist Cherie Chenot- Rose

ACES/American Crocodile Education Sanctuary
Marine Biologist Cherie Chenot-Rose
Water Hole Road, Forest Home
PO Box 108, Punta Gorda, Toledo
Belize, Central America
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Report Taken by Inspector Zetina of the Belize City Police Department

I, Cherie Rose and my husband, Vince Rose, were victims of burglary once again. While in Belize City voluntary working for the Belize Forest Department relocating crocodiles from the Price Barracks, our truck was broken into and over $7,700 BZ worth of items were stolen. The Belize Government had provided us with accommodations at the Royal Orchid Hotel located at 153 Douglas Jones Street. We checked in on Monday night, June 15th, 2009, and was told to park our white F 350 flatbed truck (TOL C3038) across the Street from the hotel in the hotels parking lot. At that time we were not informed that the area was high crime and that we should not leave valuables in the locked truck. Tuesday night we returned to the hotel at approximately 2100 hours (09:00 pm) and parked in the exact same spot as we did the previous night in the hotel’s fenced parking area. We went into the hotel for the night. The next morning, upon returning to the truck we discovered that someone through the night had smashed the rear passenger side window (damage estimate at $500 BZ) and stuck their hand through the window they smashed and unlocked the truck. They stole the following items for the shown amounts in Belize Dollars:

• Black visor CD holder with over 10 CDs $200.00
• Silver Minolta Digital Camera with SD card $1,000.00
• Yellow with Black Garmin handheld GPS eTrex HC series (Summit HC) with micro SD card,
altimeter and computer computer combatibility - mapping on this unit has the Rio Grande River data
stored with several crocodile waypoints
• Silver Panasonic Digital DVD Palmcorder Camcorder Model No. VDR-D210 with Dynex Video Light, two batteries, battery charger, all cords and 3 Maxell DVD-RW DS double Sided Camcorder 60 minute discs (including the disc in the camera which has some recording of a crocodile and croc net setting footage at the Price Barracks $2,500.00
• Green/Black Field and Stream Binoculars (water proof) with carry case $200.00
• Yellow/Black Eagle Optical Binoculars with carry case $225.00
• Brown leather Merrell Hiking Boots (Woman’s) $230.00
• First Aid Kit with numerous Medical Supplies $100.00
• Kahki PDF light weight fishing shorts (Men’s) $70.00
• Brown leather belt (Men’s) $60.00
• Blue & Silver Motorolla Cell Phone with charger $300.00
• Miscellaneous hand tools ( hammers, screw drivers wrenches, pliers, etc.) $600.00
• Black with grey Lid and Red handles Plastic Storage Box $80.00
• Black and Silver Refractometer for Salinity Testing in Grey plastic Case $200.00
• Orange Trooper Handheld Million Watt Spotlight with cigarette lighter cord and batteries $120.00
• Grey girls tank top with “Sassy” on the front from Walt Disney World $40.00
• Brown girl’s jersey shorts with draw string $30.00
• Groceries from Brodies (have receipt) $328.30

I am sure there are other miscellaneous items missing that we do not recall at this moment that were also stolen. We are very stressed from all the thefts we have been through this year alone. It is sickening and heartbreaking.

Cherie Rose
Vince Rose