Pamela Braun's Return

[Linked Image] Cayo-based artist Pamela Braun has been painting for 22 years, but she disappeared from the art scene for about 9 of those. But now, she’s back with a new exhibit featuring paintings dating back as far back as 1995 right up to 2007. For this Texan who has made Belize her home for the past two decades, the grand, ineffable theme of nature continues to guide her brushstrokes.

Pamela Braun, Artist

[Linked Image] “The art show is about two years worth of work and I haven’t had a show, nobody has seen me for about nine years so when I encourage everybody to come out and celebrate the paintings.”

Emaun Hyde,
“You’ve been painting for a number of years, are you seeing a development in your work so far?”
Pamela Braun,

Pamela Braun,
“Well the more you know the better you do and it doesn’t take you as long to reach a point when you paint like this so I think there is more truth, the more you look and the more you study the more truth comes out. They are mostly Belize. What’s on the table, the still life are what you’re having, you eat, of course the flowers and the fauna because Belize has a lot of beautiful and lush environments.”

The exhibit is open at the Bliss Institute for creative arts. It opened on July 9th and will continue through to the 30th.

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