An interesting evaluation of the accomplishments of the present government. A complaint which also states what and why things go wrong. The title does not cover the cargo in this letter to the editor:
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The Lack of Security and its Impact on Belize


Ever since the UDP rose to power in February of 2008, the lack of security has been standing out as a major concern both economically and socially in Belize. In the economic realm, the Dean Barrow government has made it a priority to take issue, wrestle and apply arm-bending tactics with just about every productive sector and service provider that has been serving as a development tool to our economic growth. They have made it a point in sending a message to potential foreign investors, that if they wanted to come into Belize, they would have to come ready to share the wealth and contribute big money to the UDP in order to escape from the wrath of the government. Social, we are in chaos; public safety is implausible and has become more of a rocket science for the UDP Government, since the Minister of National Security is at a lost when it comes to presenting a national strategy to curb the growing incidences of violent crimes. Murder among other violent crimes have become as common and as frequent as weekend sprees, and since the UDP came to power in February of 2008, murders have multiplied, while the capabilities of the police to effectively investigate, prosecute and guarantee a conviction seem to have collapsed.

The Supreme Court, with the help or rather because of the incompetence of the Office of the DPP, especially since the induction of the present DPP, Cheryl Lynn Branker Tait, the word Nolle Prosequi has also become a common miracle name to rid the Courts back log of accused murderers. Over the last year, more accused murderers have walked out to freedom with that magic word that has become easier each day to pronounce. And on many occasions, persons set free because of the ‘Nolle Prosequi’ has been a vicious cycle generating more and deadlier violence each time they are set free.

There is seldom a weekend without two or three and sometimes four murders to report, but during the last year, the disingenuous DPP spent her year preparing a political trial for the political rivals of the Prime Minister and Minister of everything Dean Barrow.

Each time there is trouble brewing in any sector or Ministry of Government, The Prime Minister is the person called upon to find a solution, and he has to come out in defence of just about every Minister in government because Barrow is so afraid to have them put their foot in their mouths. He speaks for the Minister of National Security, he speaks for the Minister of Health, he speaks for the Minister of Tourism, and he also speaks for the Attorney General at times. We are dealing with a Prime Minister who for sure has no confidence in his Cabinet Ministers to do the right thing.

For three weeks now there has been allegations of corruption and conflict of interest spawning out of the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital where the KHMH Board of Directors have facilitated the outright onslaught of the health budget by allowing purchases of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals to be made from UDP cronies at severely inflated prices.

In the beginning, PM Barrow rushed to the rescue of the Board to discount the allegation but as evidence kept pouring out and his quick audit gave credence to the allegation, he started to back track on his smell regarding corruption.

Live and let live