There is an outbreak of Dengue Fever in Belize at this time. Most of the
reported cases are in Cayo, but some "possible cases" are here on the
island. For those of you out of the info loop, please note that the
mosquito that spreads this illness mostly lives/breeds in small
containers of stagnant fresh (not salty) water. Trash - bottles,
cans, other such debris - are prime breeding spots for these bugs.
Other spots - foot bath basins, pet water dishes.

Prevention - eliminate breeding grounds - get rid of trash that could
hold small amounts of rain water; change pet water dishes daily and
scrub them once a week; empty foot baths completely if not in use -
change daily if in use; check standing water in gray water discharge
areas; spray your property with malathion for mosquitoes every couple
of days (breeding cycle is reported to be 3 days).
Swimming pools that have regular daily circulation are not an issue.
If you have fresh-water puddles nearby that cannot be drained, you can
stop mosquito breeding in them by way of floating a light film of
liquid cooking oil on the water.
Good idea to burn some mosquito fish in your house or generally give
it a good spray to be sure there is nothing breeding there..

So - the gist of this message is that if you are not already aware of
this issue please have somebody check your property and take
appropriate clean-up and prevention measures.

Stay healthy and enjoy a wonderful summer.