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The children that are part of this year’s summer camp were fortunate as they received a kind donation of uniforms from kind friends of Sanpedrana, Martha Badillo Iversen now living abroad and husband John Peter Iversen of Norway.

The kind donation was made possible by Anne, Per and Nikke Nygaard. Mr & Mrs. Nygaard’s son works at a Nike Company in Norway and sponsored the jerseys for a soccer or softball team. There were enough uniforms to cloth three teams and the children were more than glad to have received the donation.

Martha Iversen explained that in Norway one of the world’s largest soccer tournaments – The Norway Cup – takes place every year and thousands of children from countries around the world participate for the Norway Cup. “This tournament is one of the largest tournaments where countries from all over the world participate,” commented Martha. “One of our goals is to have Belize part-take in the tournament and we will try to make the arrangements necessary for this to happen.”

Norway Cup is one of the world’s largest football tournaments for youth and children, and is being held this year for the 33rd time. The tournament will be taking place from July 31 to August 6. 30,000 boys and girls from 42 countries will be playing in a total of 4,000 matches. Every year 20 to 30 teams from underprivileged areas are invited by Norway Cup, which co-operates with a number of organizations on bringing the teams to Norway and providing free board and lodging.

Much thanks to the Iversen and Nygaard family for their kind donation and for having the Belizean children in mind and in their hearts.

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