On Tuesday, August 4, the media was invited to the Mexican Embassy for the promotion of the first ever International Shrimp fair that is scheduled to be held in Chetumal on the 15th and 16th of August. The shrimp fair is to top off Shrimp Week which is from August 8 to 14.
At the press conference on Tuesday, the Ambassador of Mexico to Belize, H. E. Luis Manuel López Moreno, said that the fair has two purposes. One is to promote a closer relationship between Belize and Mexico, and the second is a part of the strategic techniques designed to cope with difficult financial times. He said that the global economic crisis has caused serious economic damaged to the restaurant sector of Mexico’s economy, and the fair is one of the ways to combat the negative effects. Belize has been supplying Mexico with shrimp over the last five years and recently those exports have been significantly decreased; therefore, Belize has suffered as well.
Ricardo Sánchez is the president of the International Shrimp Fair. He said that four countries will be represented at the fair. Those countries are Belize, Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala. He said that the Belize and Mexico Chamber of Commerce have been working hand in hand over the last couple of years to promote economic development. He said, “The Río Hondo River is not a body of water that separates us, it is one that joins us.”
At the end of the conference, members of the media were given a taste of various dishes of shrimp prepared by Mexican chefs. The dishes were delicious, but wait until those Mexicans have a taste of our Belizean dishes on August 15 and 16 in Chetumal.

The Guardian